Engineering, Engineering Consultant, Director

Taylor is an Engineering Consultant specialising in the design, construction and implementation of infrastructure and technological projects. These projects are focused on solving key problems across the Agriculture and Horticulture industries. This includes working heavily within the Kiwifruit and Apple industries, providing turn key development services.

Taylor graduated from the University of Canterbury with an Engineering Degree specialising in Mechatronics. Mechatronics encompasses the field of robotics, automation and electrical control. This has provided a founding to support farmers and growers through the possibilities automation can bring to their farming business.  AgFirst Engineering continues to provide technological solutions for farm and orchards. These are often focused on water and waste, but also include the adaption of existing infrastructure to meet the demands of changing land use.

Based in Gisborne Taylor is an avid fan of the outdoors. He enjoys spending time with growers and farmers, understanding their business’s goals and helping determine how technology can aid them. For support in infrastructural and technological solutions for the Agricultural and Horticultural industries feel free to contact Taylor.