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State Of Grain- Implications of global price and supply of supplementary feeds on the New Zealand agricultural sector
Forestry on Farms: Implications for Farm Sustainability and Regional Impact
Takahuri Whenua GHG modelling Report
Extension 350- Northland Farmers Learning from Farmers
Pond Drop Testing in the Waikato, Auckland, BOP & Taranaki regions
Land Use Change Diversification in the Waikato
Updates to Intensive Winter Grazing Regulations
Understanding the cost of GHG emissions in the Agri sector
The Role of Nitrogen Fertiliser to Lift Lamb Weaning Weights
GHG costs and benefits on different land classes
The Effects of Exotic Forests on Soil, Ground Water, Water Quality, Air Quality and Native Flora and Fauna
Calculating the Economic Thresholds Between Farming and Forestry
Managing Climate Change on Orchards
Achieving Zero-Carbon Act Reduction Targets on Farm
A plan for looking after New Zealand’s farm- Molesworth
Drivers and Barriers to Land Use Change
Barriers to Land Use Diversication
Future Farm Systems in Northland- Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change
Tile Drain Project
Mitigating GHG on Māori Farms in New Zealand
The value of Nitrogen Fertilizer to the NZ economy
Catch Crop Sediment Mitigation Research
NDDT Supplement Trials
Focus Orchard and Trials
The Sheep and Beef Financial Survey
Economic Evaluation of Stock Water Reticulation on Hill Country
The Effect of Environmental Constraints on Land Prices
Dairy Progression Pathways and the Impact of Volatility
Economic & Environmental Analysis of Dairy Farms with Barns
Opportunities and Barriers to Improving Staff Rosters on Waikato Dairy Farms
Dairy Financial Survey
Achieving LWG Pasture Control
Farm Management Tools
Rapid Establishment of New varities in Apple Orchards
Achieving Zero-Carbon Act Reduction Targets on Farm
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What is top of mind? Volume 1
Data, technology and Innovation as well as balancing environmental and economic outcomes are what’s top of mind and most exciting for our consultants looking into the future. We discussed these leading concepts with a few of our consultants.
El Nino Summer 23/34- Mitigating Risks
With a high chance of an El Nino summer, which can bring dry conditions, particularly to the East Coast and Northland farmers and growers can start planning now to mitigate the risks. Some councils are already reporting dipping soil moisture levels below typical. Our AgFirst consultants have briefly addressed different areas of the industry in relation to predicted droughts and encourage individual stakeholders to reach out to their local consultant to start planning now for the summer ahead.
Numbers Drive the Business- Matt Buckley on increasing bull beef production using FARMAX
Matt Buckley discusses how he is increasing production of his bull beef business with the help of software tools and an AgFirst facilitated group dedicated to benchmarking and the numbers.
Drought Recovery Farm Strategies with Kim Robinson
Our consultant Kim Robinson concisely shares strategies for recovering from the severe 2020 drought using data from the Northland Dairy Development Trust Supplement Trial
AgFirst helps to transform the maize & soya value chain in Rwanda
AgFirst’s James Allen has been a key leader in transforming the value chain of maize and soya bean crops in Ethiopia and Rwanda.
Evolving Dairy Industry Now More Professional
Overall the dairy industry is more professional and in a good space, but volatility will continue, says James Allen. As James steps down as Chairman and focuses on his role as managing director of AgFirst Waikato, he shares his views of the future of the dairy industry.
AgFirst consultant key driver in planning for the future
AgFirst consultant, Mark Macintosh, is proud to be a key driver in helping ensure the Taumanu Lands Trust farm is set up to serve future generations.
The Changing Nature of Farm Consultancy in New Zealand
Our consultants James Allen and Nico Mouton have looked at the history of the farm management consultancy profession, issues facing provision of farm management advice, and some thoughts on the future of the profession.
The Cost of Complying with the One Plan
A case study of the regulatory requirements for a dairy farm in the Horizons region.
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