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Mitigation and cost of on-farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A report on the modelling work done over four years on a range of dairy and sheep and beef farms

Land Use Diversification in the Waikato Region

This report examines diversification options that involve both the development of part of an existing property or an option which involves the wholesale conversion to an alternative land use. The purpose is to provide a number of examples of what might be possible in terms of land use diversification and some of the considerations that should be made by a land owner prior to making a change.

Farmer decision making with regard to Climate Change and Biological Gas Emissions

AgFirst have undertaken a literature review and analysis of Farmer decision making with regard to Climate Change and Biological Gas Emissions. The report has been prepared for the Biological Emissions Reference Group (BERG).

Cost of Complying with the One Plan

Environmental compliance requirements are on the increase around the country. This case study outlines the requirements for a dairy farm in a target catchment of the Horizons region.

Observations on effects of forestry on marginal land

Article by Bob Cathcart of AgFirst Northland dated April 2017 on 'Observations on effects of Forestry on marginal land inland of Kawakawa'.

The effects of Exotic Forests on Soil

Article by Bob Cathcart of AgFirst Northland dated October 2017 on 'The Effects of Exotic Forests on Soil, Ground Water, Water Quality, Air Quality and Native Flora and Fauna'

Agricultural student with five scholarships says success is a balancing act

"My passion has always been for agriculture. It is definitely in the blood. My love of farming runs deep and a career in agriculture is my ultimate goal."

Easier Environmental Planning with Farm IQ

The information is easily accessed and updated and it is easily stored. It is a living document rather than a pile of papers sitting in drawers and the online information is easy to share with others when needed...

Touchstone Enters Wanaka Water Debate

Wanaka’s water is labelled as pristine but some know that’s not so.

The water is clear, clean and safe to drink. But over time, it's been invaded by a noxious weed, Lagarosiphon, and is now home to a snotty-looking algae that is fast removing the sparkly twinkle from the pebbles on the lake floor and clogs up home appliance filters.

AgFirst Landbase

Environmental planning on farm has just got easier, with the launch of a new cloud-based software programme, AgFirst Landbase. AgFirst consultant Erica van Reenen developed the programme, in conjunction with FarmIQ, after being asked time and again whether an online tool to assist with land and environment planning existed – it didn’t, until now.