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AgFirst takes a holistic approach in setting up sustainable farm and orchard systems.  The business needs to be able to sustain fluctuations in market prices and climatic volatility as well as being environmentally sustainable.

There are increasing pressures in most regions of New Zealand to minimise the environmental footprint of farming and orchard practices.  AgFirst are on the forefront of combining environmental sustainability with financial and social sustainability.

Our team of consultants have had experience in tailoring and monitoring farm and orchard systems to reduce environmental impact whilst maximising profitability.

Key areas that can be addressed by AgFirst consultants are Dairy Effluent Design and Management  and Nutrient Loss Monitoring.

View our full list of environmental farm services here.

Why Plan Your System with the Environment in Mind?

Understanding the environmental factors which influence your individual farm will allow informed decisions to be made on the farm. This will maximise the efficiency of the available resources and minimise the impact on farm profitability. Detailed planning of plant and animal management is required to reduce the environmental impact on soil, water and air, and helps to secure availability of these resources for the long term future of the farm.

Environmental management is coming under increasing scrutiny, both by the public and Regional Councils.  In addition, concerns over nutrient use and traceability are being built into everyday nutrient management activities on farms. Using qualified advisers will ensure you are kept informed of the latest requirements.

We can assist you in understanding your current environmental situation and the compliance implications which affect your catchment. We look at how these factors may impact on your farm business in the future and identify opportunities to implement good management practices. All this will help adapt your farm system to cope with environmental constraints.

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