A wealth
of knowledge
and experience

AgFirst has a wealth of knowledge and experience in project management. With the range of skills and coverage throughout the majority of the country we are well situated to take on projects of any size and locality. We have also been involved in cross-sector projects. Below is a list of some of the projects that AgFirst have been involved in at both a national, regional and office level.

Economic Evaluation of Stock Water Reticulation on Hill Country (2017)

AgFirst have recently carried out an economic evaluation of reticulating stock water on hill country sheep & beef farms. This showed strong positive financial returns, as well as environmental gains.

Professional Primary Producers Programme 2017

The Professional Primary Producers Business Management Programme is a partnership between Primary ITO and DairyNZ aiming to support capable dairy farmers to pursue excellence in dairy farm business management. Following a highly successful pilot in 2016, the programme is being made available to a limited number of farmers in a second pilot in 2017.

Waikato-BoP Dairy Report – June 2016

This report summarises the results of a financial survey of dairy farms across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, carried out by AgFirst through June 2016. CIick here to see the full article

Dairy Progression Pathways and the Impact of Volatility

Sharemilking has long been considered a cornerstone of the New Zealand dairy industry, providing a viable progression pathway for young dairy farmers to build experience and wealth, and traditionally aiming to achieve their ultimate goal of farm ownership. This pathway has been under increased pressure in recent years, with the number of Herd Owning Sharemilking …

Economic & Environmental Analysis of Dairy Farms with Barns

The objective of this study was to investigate the financial aspects of a barn system based on an investment cost-benefit analysis approach, and to investigate the resultant change in farm system, as well as the associated environmental footprint measured in terms of nitrogen and phosphorous leaching and greenhouse gas emissions via OVERSEER®.

The Effect of Environmental Constraints on Land Prices

A study by Phil Journeaux of AgFirst Waikato funded via the Farmax/DairyNZ Dairy Consultant of the Year Award...

Waikato BOP Dairy Report – January 2016 Update

This report updates the budgeted 2015/16 year originally carried out in June 2015.

Southland Dairy Report – January 2016 Update

This report updates the budgeted 2015/16 year originally carried out in June 2015.

Kellogg Rural Leadership Scholarship Report – Lycinda Lett, 2014

Opportunities and Barriers to Improving Staff Rosters on Waikato Dairy Farms by Lycinda Lett.  Click on this arrow to read the report.

Southland Budget Update Using $3.85 Payout

Updated with $3.85/kgMS payout in 2015/16.