Agriculture, Environmental, Fert Advice, Nutrient Management, Sheep & Beef, Agribusiness Consultant, Director

Lochie started Farm Management Consulting in 1986, initially with MAF advisory services and latterly with AgFirst. Lochie has also had a farming career, leasing land off family to put the first deer post in during 1981. In 1990 Lochie and his wife Louise purchased the family property and set about on a development programme as well as increasing its scale running sheep cattle and deer.

While farming, Lochie continued off farm professional work, as well as taking up various governance roles with a number of directorships and chairmanship roles for a number of national and international businesses.

He brings a very experienced holistic approach to his work with farms, farming and the work he does past the farm gate.  Lochie remains passionate and optimistic about farming and the farming environment – farming is in his blood and in his thinking.

Lochie is currently leading the Catch Crop Sediment Mitigation Group project: This group is undertaking research in developing mitigation and sustainable solutions for reducing sediment and nutrient losses in winter crops.


  • Approved Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Farm Environment Management Plan provider
  • Green House Gas Emissions and Management (Massey University)
  • Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management (Massey University)
  • Certificate in Company Direction (Institute of Directors NZ)
  • Kellogg Rural Leadership (Lincoln University)
  • Registered Farmax consultant
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce (Lincoln College)

Lochie is involved in:

  • On Farm optimisation and on Farm modelling
  • Forage systems (with a particular emphasis on Fodder Beet, Plantain and winter crop management)
  • Farm Environment Management Plans
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Farm Governance
  • Farm Purchase and lease feasibilities
  • Succession planning
  • Supply Management systems and Meat Quality (targeted at a customer need)
  • Expert witness