Sheep & Beef, Agribusiness Consultant, Director

Originally from the Waikato, Chris has been working with Northland sheep and beef farmers since 2003. Chris is involved in farm supervision, project management with groups of farmers and one on one farm consultancy.

Chris is passionate about getting the pasture and animal balance right and believes this is the foundation to productive and profitable farming systems. Farmax is a tool he uses to optimise farm systems.

Working for AgResearch, prior to joining AgFirst in 2007, his experience in sheep and beef research has given Chris specialist knowledge in:

  • Sheep and beef stock policy analysis
  • Grazing management
  • Pasture development
  • Cattle growth and parasite control

Chris has been involved in a variety of successful projects with farmers and farmer groups including Landcorp’s Beef Cow 4 Profit project, Northland Profitable Beef Finishing Focus Farm, Northland Profitable Breeding Cow Focus Farm and Finished by 20 Months project.

Chris is a member of the NZ Institute of Primary industry management and is a Farmax registered consultant.

As the Science Manager for the Northland Dairy Development Trust, Chris and Kim Robinson are leading a groundbreaking supplement trial at a Northland Research Farm.  The ongoing trial compares profit of three system: pasture only; PKE only and PKE plus other supplements. The results are very timely with the environmental pressures facing our industry.