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AgFirst provides a wide range of services, primarily to the rural sector. We have New Zealand’s largest network of agricultural, horticultural and agricultural engineering consultants, providing high quality service and solutions to ensure New Zealand’s primary industries remain competitive on the world stage.  

The AgFirst group are also applying their skills to other sectors, for example traffic counting logistics, data capture logistics and engineering services to the health sector. If you have any challenge that requires an innovative solution then contact us!
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    Eyes Wide Open

    In the past five years there has been a significant increase in the amount of supplementary feeding on dairy farms around the country, resulting in a shift for many farms up the intensity scale...

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    Catchment Study Highlights Nutrient Cost

    A study into the conversion of a Southland catchment to dairying has highlighted the potential economic benefit to the catchment, but also the signficant costs to mitigate nutrient losses...

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    Financial belts tighten after dairy price drop

    There will be little financial wriggle-room this year for Waikato/Bay of Plenty dairy farmers in the wake of the revised forecast from Fonterra, but the average farm should make it through this year, AgFirst agricultural consultant Phil Journeaux said at a seminar in Hamilton where the company launched its 2014 financial survey...

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    Farmers put Fonterra on notice

    AgFirst consultant Phil Journeaux told a seminar in Hamilton last week advances totalling $4.30 would come until the end of June, which included 25c/kg for capacity adjustment...

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    Hold on farmers, for a bumpy ride

    Don't panic! That is the advice AgFirst consultant James Allen had for the region's dairy farmers in the wake of Fonterra slashing its milk price forecast to $5.30/kgMS...

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    Cashflow is the oxygen of your business

    While I am passionate about the dairy industry and its future, it is time to put aside some of the hyperbole in the industry about how wonderful we are, recognise that our dairy farms fit into the small to medium business category and recognise the number one reason for failure of small businesses is the lack of cash flow...

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