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AgFirst provides a wide range of services, primarily to the rural sector. We have New Zealand’s largest network of agricultural, horticultural and agricultural engineering consultants, providing high quality service and solutions to ensure New Zealand’s primary industries remain competitive on the world stage.  

The AgFirst group are also applying their skills to other sectors, for example traffic counting logistics, data capture logistics and engineering services to the health sector. If you have any challenge that requires an innovative solution then contact us!
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Featured Projects

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    Farm Monitoring

    This report summarises the results of a financial survey of dairy farms across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, carried out by AgFirst Waikato and AgFirst Central through July 2013.

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    Financial Survey 2013: Waikato/Bay of Plenty Dairy - Summary

    The recent farm survey of dairy farms in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty by AgFirst shows two very contrasting situations for the previous season compared to the one just started.