Rapid Establishment of New Varieties in Apple Orchards


Key Funders

MAF Sustainable Farming Fund, Pipfruit NZ, ENZA, Crasborn
Time frame of Project
This was a 3-year project, completed in June 2009.

Consultants Involved

Ross Wilson and Carla Emms

Project Brief

To maximise the ability of NZ growers to change to more profitable new apple varieties and reduce the timeframe between planting and the point of profitable production.

Description of Project

This project consisted of several areas of investigation from tree physiology (conducted by HortResearch), through to economic modelling (conducted by AgFirst).

Progress of Project so Far

The project has been completed.

Outcomes from Project

The full report is published on the Pipfruit NZ Inc website for industry members to view. Please contact us if you would like to view the article.

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