MAF Pipfruit Farm Monitoring


Key Funders

MAF Policy
This is an annual project, completed in June each year, with reports published in July

Consultants Involved

Ross Wilson, Kevin Manning and Carla Emms, as well as the AgFirst Motueka team

Project Brief

To provide information on the production and financial status of pipfruit growers, as well as trends and issues within the industry. Description of Project Our consultants visit a panel of growers each year to collect their financial and production data, which, in conjunction with MAF, is collated into an industry model for the ‘Hawke’s Bay Pipfruit Orchard’. As well as reporting actual data, a forecast is made for the year ahead, and a commentary report published to identify trends and issues affecting the sector.

Progress of Project so Far

The 2010 monitoring round has recently been completed and due for publishing in July 2010

Outcomes from Project

The models and commentaries can be viewed on the MAF website:

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