Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Climate Change Project


Key Funders

MAF Sustainable Farming Fund, Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc
Time frame of Project
This is a 3-year project, due to be completed in June 2011.

Consultants Involved

Carla Emms

Project Brief

This is a 3 year project looking at climate change in relation to the Hawke’s Bay wine industry, from technology transfer, through to mitigation options, and business opportunities.

Description of Project

Winegrowing is a business that is heavily dependent on the regions unique climate, therefore it is important that producers are aware of the potential impact of a changing climate. The project also looks at mitigation options through reducing energy use on the vineyard, which not only reduces costs, but also reduces the carbon footprint.

Progress of Project so Far

This project has just started year 2 of its 3 years.

Outcomes from Project

Fuel and electricity fact sheets and case studies are available on the Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers website for members only. Please contact us to view the full project.

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