Focus Orchard Project


Key Funders

Ministry for the Environment and MAF Sustainable Farming Fund
Time frame of Project
This project went for a total of 6 years, from 1998 to 2004

Consultants Involved

Ross Wilson, Kevin Manning and John Wilton

Project Brief

A technology transfer project for the pipfruit industry.

Description of Project

This initially started as a three-year project looking at best practice techniques within the pipfruit industry. Based at Rakaunui Orchard in Hawke’s Bay, it was a launch pad for Integrated Fruit Production, and the technology transfer events were highly successful. It was subsequently continued for a further 3 years and expanded to 3 new ‘Focus’ properties. While the first phase of the project focused on environmental sustainability, the second phase widened the scope to include production and profitability measures.

Progress of Project so Far

The full results are published on the Pipfruit NZ Inc website for industry members only. Please contact us if you would like to view the article.

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