Key Funders

DairyNZ, Fonterra, and South Waikato Economic Trust
From Nov 2007-Nov 2010

Consultants Involved

James Allen, Mark Mackintosh, John Hall, Nico Mouton, Nicola Waugh, Darren McNae, Peter Livingston, Peter Gault,

Project Brief

The aim of the DairyPush programme is to have all participating farmers gain more farming and business skills as well and achieving a more profitable business. The target for the group was to increase the individual farm profit by 10% every year for 3 years. This was benchmarked against the change in regional average over this period. The programme is to involve 60 farmers from the South Waikato district. The programme involves one-on-one farm visits from an AgFirst consultant in which the focus is at a strategic level developing business plans and carrying out in-depth financial analysis through the use of DairyBase. In addition to the one-on-one visits the participants have three participant group days in which the group come together and discussions are focused around the farm business and identifying and learning from skills of farmers within the group. Comparisons are often made within the group such as between different farm systems enable in depth discussion around what makes a farm business more profitable than others. The programme also runs a focus farm which is situated on the outskirts of Tokoroa. This farm carries out intensive monitoring throughout the year with fortnightly updates emailed to participants and posted on the DairyNZ website. There are also 2 public field days held on the farm to demonstrate how decisions are made and the impact of these decisions on both the physical aspects of the farm and on the financial side of the business.

Description of Project

The project involves approximately 50 dairy farmers in the South Waikato District Plus anything else you want covered in here

Progress of Project so far

The first 3 years of the DairyPush programme is almost complete. Through the last three years a number of participants have adapted their thinking away from production being the main focus to a big focus on profitability. There has been an increase in increase in the financial awareness and understanding which has also been driven by the financial and climatic volatility in the past 3 years. More monitoring of both physical and financial information has been seen in the area and a number of participants have succeeded in reaching some of their goals. In a number of these cases they have been required to exit the programme due to leaving the area. The project has obtained additional funding to continue for the next 3 years with an additional environmental and social focus. The programme will bring in a new focus farm and also 3-4 profile farms which will be closely monitored with information distributed monthly to the

Outcomes from Project

This can be viewed on the following website:

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