Brownrigg Swamp Rd Orchard Development


Key Funders

Brownrigg Agriculture.

Consultants Involved

Craig Bishop

Project Brief

To design an irrigation/fertigation system, drainage, and frost protection for this apple orchard situated in the Hawkes Bay region.

Description of Project

This project required a broad range of developments including: Drainage design Water source options Borehole contract specifications Power and pump-shed specifications Complete irrigation design, supply and contractor installation The headwork’s design included a sophisticated irrigation controller and fertigation system. The irrigation/fertigation system coupled with good drainage provided excellent management tools for growing quality apples, with 50% of the orchard producing the new Jazz variety. The apple trees are irrigated by integral dripline which is an ideal method for applying fertilizers and nutrients. Brownrigg Agriculture’s forward thinking attitude to getting the drainage, irrigation and frost protection right on this property from the start will see this orchard bearing fruit for years to come. Plus anything else you want covered in here

Progress of Project so Far

The project is yet to be completed.

Outcomes from Project

To be advised.

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