Blueprinting Tree Form in Royal Gala and Jazz


Key Funders

MAF Sustainable Farming Fund, Pipfruit NZ, ENZA
Time frame of Project
This was a 3-year project, completed in June 2010.

Consultants Involved

John Wilton, Carla Emms and Grant McKay (AgFirst Motueka)

Project Brief

The aim of this project was to blueprint tree form in Royal Gala and Jazz to ensure the sustainable production of premium sized export quality fruit by NZ growers.

Description of Project

This project follows on from the previous ‘Benchmarking intensive production practices’ project. By quantifying tree architecture we can further understand the characteristics of the tree that are delivering high quality marketable yields. A number of blocks were followed for 3 years to identify and quantify the features and practices that

Progress of Project so Far

This project has now been completed.

Outcomes from Project

The annual crop estimate is presented to the industry by Ross Wilson and published by Pipfruit NZ Inc for industry members on their website. Please contact us to view/discuss the outcomes from the project.

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