Beef Cows 4 Profit


Primary funder

Landcorp is the primary funder and the secondary funder is Beef & Lamb NZ

Time frame of Project

A 3-year project with Northland commencing in May 2008 and completing in May 2011 A 3-year project on the East Coast and South Otago commencing in May 2010 and completing in May 2013

Consultants Involved

Northland; Bob Thomson and Chris Boom, East Coast and South Otago

Project Brief

Calving percentages in NZ (and Landcorp) have not improved in at least the last 20 years despite a number of technical books being published and numerous field days being held with a focus on increasing beef cow reproduction rates and profit. It is contended that hitherto the core limitations to increasing cow performance had not been effectively indentified and therefore could not be resolved. This project is based on the principles of the Monitor Farm concept whereby KPI’s are measured, monitored, implemented and progressed. This approach ensures that the core issues are discovered and addressed but requires a disciplined approach to record keeping – Landcorp are in a unique position whereby they can implement such a program. The program brief is to Increase beef cow efficiency through increased conception rates (target 95%) increased calving (target 95%) and increased ratio of 200 day weaning weight to winter cow weight (target >45%)

Description of Project

The project is has three cluster groups of ~10,000 cows each in Northland, East Coast(NI) and South Otago and represents 75% of Landcorp’s40,000 breeding cows.

Progress of Project so Far

As at July 2010 the Northland cluster group has been in operation for 18-months and has already increased calving percentage as a direct result of discovering and addressing animal health and animal management issues.

Outcomes from Project

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