Environmental, Horticulture, Horticultural Consultant

AgFirst Horticultural Consultant, Leander Archer has a strong focus on environmental sustainability across all horticultural crops, and is a specialist in the growing of apples and pears.

Leander joined AgFirst Hawke’s Bay after completing a Bachelor of AgriScience, majoring in Horticulture at Massey University in 2015.

She arrived on the horticulture scene, bringing together her passion for fresh food, interest in plant and soil science and focus on environmental sustainability.

Leander works with pipfruit growers in areas such as;

  • Crop loading and vigour management
  • Strategic decisions such as variety choices
  • Nutrition
  • Water availability and efficiency
  • Benchmarking financial performance

She also leads regional and industry wide financial, economic and environmental projects such as MPI’s pipfruit monitoring programme and the New Zealand Apples and Pears Crop Estimate.

Leander is skilled in Overseer modelling and nutrient cycling and is keen to put the knowledge to use helping all horticulture industries improve their environmental footprint in a sustainable way.