Agriculture, Dairy, Environmental, Fert Advice, Nutrient Management, Agribusiness Consultant


Jess has a passion for animals, the outdoors and wilderness-protection where I have gained skills and a love for hunting and fishing as well as mountaineering, snowboarding, rock climbing and horse riding. She is passionate about working with people to educate them and encourage best farming practices, as well as building relationships to provide ongoing support to farmers and the wider rural community.

Jess has previous experience working as:

Farm Environmental Consultant

  • Preparation of nutrient management plans to meet regulatory requirements,
  • Feasibility studies for land use conversions or intensification with regards to nutrient and effluent management,
  • Facilitation of workshops and discussion with farmers and rural professionals around nutrient management.

Rural Industry Advisor

  • Nutrient management for existing and new intensive agricultural operations,
  • All consenting requirements for any agricultural operation,
  • Advice around annual monitoring requirements and compliance issues.

Environmental Protection Officer (Rural).

  • Compliance monitoring of over 600 dairy farms as well as forestry operations, piggeries, poultry farms and industry sites.
  • Water quality monitoring and analysis of results.

Jess has previously been involved in coordination of policy implementation in conjunction with other industry bodies e.g. DairyNZ, Supply companies, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Federated Farmers, AgResearch, Horticulture NZ.

“My farming background and agricultural studies have given me the experience and knowledge to relate to farmers. I am passionate about empowering farmers to have economically, socially and environmentally sustainable businesses.
I enjoy assisting farmers in understanding information that is available to them.  I am open-minded and flexible to adapt to our constantly changing environment, while remaining future focused and ready for new challenges within the agricultural sector. I am dedicated and strive to exceed expectations.”