Engineering, Environmental, Engineer, Managing Director

Ian is a specialist Agricultural Engineer who has had over 28 years experience within the Agricultural Engineering Field.

Ian works throughout New Zealand and overseas, offering an independent service to his clientele in a wide range of Engineering fields, which include :

Water Reticulation

  • Farm Stock Water Reticulation Design
  • Rural Community Water Reticulation System Design
  • Water Treatment System Design (Rural and Community Systems)

Land Drainage :

  • Surface and Subsurface Land Drainage Systems Design
  • Horticultural Land Drainage Design
  • Drainage Pumping Station Design
  • Problem Soil Rejuvenation

Horticultural Irrigation and Frost Protection :

  • Horticultural Irrigation System Design
  • Frost Protection System Design
  • Irrigation System Operation Management

Pastoral Irrigation :

  • Pastoral Irrigation System Design
  • Pastoral System Cost Benefit Analyses
  • Wastewater Pastoral Irrigation System Design

Water Resource :

  • Design and Development of Community Reticulation
  • Water Source Evaluation (Alternative Source Cost Benefit, Water Quality)

Dairy Effluent Treatment Systems :

  • Design of Dairy Effluent Land Treatment Systems
  • Design of Dairy Effluent Deficit Irrigation Systems
  • Individual Effluent Management Systems Development

Soils :

  • Soils Drainage
  • Problem Soils Rejuvenation
  • Nutrient Leaching Monitoring
  • Lysimeter Installation and Monitoring

Waste Water Treatment :

  • Freezing Works Waste Water Treatment
  • Dairy Factory Waste Water Treatment and Application to Land System Design
  • Human Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Integration of Waste Water into Agricultural Farming Systems

Aquaculture :

  • Sea Water Pumping and Treatment System Design
  • Aquaculture recirculating plant, reticulation, pumping and Water Treatment System Design (Paua and Crayfish).

Resource Consent :

  • Resource Consent Applications
  • Environmental Impact Reports

Dairy Farm Developments :

  • Farm Water Reticulation Design
  • Farm Stock Water Treatment System Design
  • Farm Mapping and Subdivision Plan Development
  • Farm Roading Design
  • Dairy Effluent Treatment Design

Water Storage Dam :

  • Water Storage Dam Design
  • Site Selection and Cost Benefit Analyses
  • Dam Pump Intake System Design

Project Management :

  • Complete Project Management (design, tender, supervision)
  • Tender Document Preparation
  • Installation/Construction Supervision

Ian is one of the few specialist independent Agricultural Engineers in New Zealand, who has a vast technical knowledge and experience in a wide range of Agricultural Engineering.