A wealth
of knowledge
and experience

AgFirst has a wealth of knowledge and experience in project management. With the range of skills and coverage throughout the majority of the country we are well situated to take on projects of any size and locality. We have also been involved in cross-sector projects. Below is a list of some of the projects that AgFirst have been involved in at both a national, regional and office level.

Tile Drain Project- Led by Hawkes Bay Consultants

AgFirst is excited to be a key leader in new project in the Hawke’s Bay investigating the impacts of tile drains on horticultural land, to provide valuable information about their effect on freshwater quality. Horticultural tile drains are used to divert excess moisture from the soil. This can help waterlogged land become more productive. This …

Focus Orchards and Trials Update – August 2019

August 2019 This update focuses on the Stanthorpe (P F Savio) and Shepparton (Turnbull Bros) Focus Orchards. Prepared by AgFirst’s Nic Finger, it looks at the 2019 harvest and what can be learned for 2020. Read the update here: https://apal.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Focus-Orchard-Update-NVIC-QLD-August-2019.pdf

Focus Orchard and Trials Update – July 2019

July 2019 The latest Focus Orchard trial has been released. Prepared by AgFirst’s Dean Rainham, it includes results on Smitten crop load, Buckeye Gala fruit size and pruning, and a dormancy breaking trial in Southern Victoria. Read the update here: https://apal.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Focus-Orchard-and-Trial-Update-Vic-Tas-Jul-2019.pdf

Rapid Establishment of New Varieties in Apple Orchards

To maximise the ability of NZ growers to change to more profitable new apple varieties and reduce the timeframe between planting and the point of profitable production.

Focus Vineyard Project

A technology transfer project for the viticulture industry

Focus Orchard Project

A technology transfer project for the pipfruit industry.

Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Climate Change Project

This is a 3 year project looking at climate change in relation to the Hawke’s Bay wine industry, from technology transfer, through to mitigation options, and business opportunities.

Blueprinting Tree Form in Royal Gala and Jazz

The aim of this project was to blueprint tree form in Royal Gala and Jazz to ensure the sustainable production of premium sized export quality fruit by NZ growers.

Bitter Pit Prediction in Apples

To provide an accurate identification of ‘high risk’ blocks of fruit in relation to bitter pit/blotch quality issues.

Pipfruit NZ National Crop Estimate

The crop estimate is compiled using data collected nationwide from growers and industry in conjunction with undertaking counts and measurements on a range of orchards, and using our consultants’ knowledge and experience to accurately estimate the export volume of pipfruit produced at the end of the season by variety and region.