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Horticulture consulting - pipfuit

We have a broad range of skills and services, including:

  • Horticultural consultancy both in New Zealand and abroad
  • Technical/practical management advice for horticultural crops
  • Applied research, development and field trials
  • Economic and financial benchmarking analysis for key crops
  • Environmental services
  • Project management
  • Technology transfer services
  • Property purchase and feasibility studies
  • On-farm monitoring services
  • OrchardNet  – A Cloud Based Orchard Management Tool: Login
  • Irrigation Management & Soil Moisture Monitoring: Login
  • Integrated fruit production
  • Crop estimation services
  • Residue testing
  • Kiwifruit maturity clearance
  • Loss assessment
  • Strategic business planning, budgeting and financial reporting
  • Property supervision
  • Resource consents

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