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Environmental consultants New Zealand

AgFirst have the expertise to help you to understand the environmental footprint of your farm business. Our environmental consultants can identify opportunities to tweak your system to reduce environmental impact, whilst maximising profitability.

Our consultants are trained specifically in environmental management including soils and water management, nutrient efficiency, farm assessments and business management.

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Nitrogen reference points (NRPs) and Farm environment plans (FEPs)
  • Water efficiency audits
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Soil mapping and testing advice
  • Nutrient application for plant and environmental health
  • Water sharing initiatives
  • Regional scale sediment nitrogen and phosphorus loss modelling
  • Interpretation of impacts of environmentally derived restrictions
  • Overseer modelling and interpretation
  • Soil conservation measures
  • Best use of land
  • Mitigation for nutrient and sediment loss under cropping
  • Soil, effluent, plant and animal tissue testing
  • Effluent management plans
  • Effluent system design and installation
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Erosion control
  • Assistance with environmental consents and compliance issues
  • Riparian management plans
  • Nutrient management plans – designing optimum nutrient efficiency for your farm
  • Whole farm management plans – assessing the farm systems, environmental performance and profit
  • Pre-buying farm appraisals – assessing the options, the risks, and the most sustainable & profitable systems
  • Bio-security and health and safety plans

Dairy Effluent Design and Management:

  • Deficit irrigation
  • Solids removal
  • Low application dairy effluent irrigation systems
  • Dairy effluent pond construction
  • Nutrient losses monitoring
  • Land application monitoring and system management and development

Nutrient Loss Monitoring:

  • Lysimeter Installation
  • Monitoring System Development

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