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Limestone Downs Dairy Conversion Case Study

Limestone Downs is a 2500 ha effective coastal property south of Port Waikato running sheep and beef. Dairy conversion has seen 425 ha of predominately coastal flats transitioned to dairy which will support up to 1200 cows.  

Tauwhareparae Farms Dam Design Case Study

The design and construction of the Lowden Hills farm dam has enabled the harvesting and storage of 37,100 m³ of water for stock water reticulation, thus allowing increased stocking rates and feed utilisation in dry periods.

Ngāi Tukairangi Trust Irrigation and Frost Protection Case Study

AgFirst Engineering was first engaged by the Trust back in 2004 to design and implement irrigation plus frost protection on their B blocks.

Sharemilkers – Effluent System Case Study

Sharemilkers Dave Van Den Beuken & Jenny Buckley milk 550 cows on the Jones Family Trust Farm at Tauwhare. They have been using the effluent system designed and installed by AgFirst Engineering since 2013.

Lowden Hills Farm Water Reticulation Case Study

The design and installation of the Lowden Hills Stock Farm Water Reticulation system supplying summer water requirements for 15,000 stock units. To read more click the following link.

Briant Orchard Irrigation Case Study

AgFirst Engineering was approached to design an irrigation system for 10 hectares of Kiwifruit, with provision in the system to allow for future expansion of 20 hectares of orchard. There were some key considerations that needed to be taken into account when designing the system. Due to the heavier nature of the soils onsite, a key consideration …

AgResearch Dairy Effluent Solids Separation and Deferred Irrigation System Case Study

AgResearch Tokanui had an existing dairy shed with an under-performing dairy effluent system. Their storage capacity was approximately half of the required size, the effluent irrigation capacity was not sufficient and there were multiple challenges with solids from the feed pad and the two pond system that was in place. To read more click the following …

A Really Big Gun

The WETA irrigator is the result of work on a prototype using Italian componentry and AgFirst's design and practical experience. It's been tested robustly over the last two years in a number of tough environments..

Push Button Flushing

The most advanced weeping wall has just gone in on a dairy farm south of Te Awamutu, after three years of planning, and every effort has been made to future proof it as much as possible...