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AgFirst is one of the leading national agricultural engineering technology companies in New Zealand, and have a reputation for successfully delivering innovative and customised engineering design solutions.

AgFirst’s professional team of engineers are highly skilled, innovative and dedicated to providing top quality services.  Attention to detail at all stages of projects, a strong focus on customising a solution for each client’s requirements.

AgFirst engineers are experienced project managers and are capable of managing large scale projects from conception to completion, or contributing to projects at any stage.

AgFirst Agricultural Engineering Team are leaders in their field working throughout New Zealand and overseas in the below areas:

  • Dairy Effluent Waste Water Treatment and Green Water Recycling System Design
  • Dairy Farm Conversion Development
  • Land Drainage
  • Stock and Rural Community Water Reticulation
  • Water Quality Treatment
  • Resource Consent Applications
  • Horticultural Irrigation and Frost Protection
  • Pastoral Irrigation
  • Aquaculture Plant Design (Paua/Crayfish)
  • Waste Water Treatment Design and Management Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Lysimeter Installation and Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Traffic Monitoring


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