Drivers and Barriers to Land Use Change

Land use change has been a significant feature of the New Zealand landscape since European settlement, largely driven by economic factors, and has been a strength of our primary land systems. Over the last 25 years, the most significant land use change has been a switch out of sheep and beef farming, with an increase …

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Numbers Drive the Business- Matt Buckley on increasing bull beef production using FARMAX

In the latest edition of Country Wide NZ, Matt Buckley discusses how he is increasing production of his bull beef business with the help of software tools and an AgFirst facilitated group dedicated to benchmarking and the numbers. This year he expects production to reach 345kg/-ha a big increase from the 260kg not product/ha generated …

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The Changing Nature of Farm Consultancy in New Zealand

The nature of farm consultancy in New Zealand is changing. Farm consultancy is facing a challenging future with an increasing skillset requirement needed by the farming client, the corporate client and the regulators. AgFirst New Zealand reviews some of these changes.

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Drought Recovery Farm Strategies with Kim Robinson

AgFirst consultant Kim Robinson concisely shares drought planning recommendations, on this easy to view webinar including how to prioritise and calculate your feed.

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Get Support With Your Feed Planning

Feed availability is currently a key concern for many farmers. Together with MPI and other partner agencies; DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb NZ and Federated Farmers are we are providing remote feed planning support to farmers.

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Land Use Diversification in the Waikato Region

This report examines diversification options that involve both the development of part of an existing property or an option which involves the wholesale conversion to an alternative land use. The purpose is to provide a number of examples of what might be possible in terms of land use diversification and some of the considerations that should be made by a land owner prior to making a change.

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Carbon Cost Shock

Huge costs in NZ’s zero carbon goals that could set the country back more than a trillion dollars have been side-lined in Government calculations says AgFirst’s Phil Journeaux.

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AgFirst facilitates King Country farmers action group

King Country farmers have formed an action group, focusing on bench-marking and using Farmax software. The group is facilitated by AgFirst consultant, Steve Howarth.

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Media release – AgFirst Manawatu

New Zealand’s largest rural consultancy business, AgFirst, are thrilled to be expanding into the Manawatu/Whanganui Region.
The new office, headed by Erica van Reenen, will be focused on pastoral agriculture and will offer farmers a range of services…

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Mycoplasma bovis: a closed herd approach

Mycoplasma bovis still dominates the industry’s thoughts as we try to come to grips with how to avoid the spread of the disease. AgFirst are urging our farmers and industry to take control, at least by taking ownership of tracking and tracing cattle, through NAIT. We’ve been encouraging farmers to forge stronger relationships, and we have …

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