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Sheep and beef farm consulting

We have consultants across the country which are specialists in sheep, beef and deer.

Since its inception in 1995 the AgFirst team have worked to build an impressive database of farm physical and financial performance. This database covers five regions and has an added strength of being able to look at the performance of any number of sub-groups.

Supervision is a key service in the sheep and beef industry. Currently we work with a number of large Maori corporations within the Central and Eastern North Island.

The AgFirst team have a focus on profitability and are able to work with you to develop the most profitable farming system which are suited to your individual circumstances and are flexible to cope with the volatility both in the markets and with the climate.

AgFirst run a number of sheep and beef discussion groups across the country including the Beef + Lamb Lake Taupo Monitor farm which has a particular focus around farming under a nitrogen output restrictions. Recruitment of staff at all levels is also available. If you are interested in using this service please contact us.

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