A wealth
of knowledge
and experience

AgFirst has a wealth of knowledge and experience in project management. With the range of skills and coverage throughout the majority of the country we are well situated to take on projects of any size and locality. We have also been involved in cross-sector projects. Below is a list of some of the projects that AgFirst have been involved in at both a national, regional and office level.

Climate Change

AgFirst is leading a MAF-funded project involving twelve free workshops throughout New Zealand in 2012 for rural professionals on climate change issues and land management practices.

Dairy Organic Discussion Group

This project started in December 2007 with an initial field day at the Focus Farm and is now run as a Discussion Group.

Farm Management Systems Workshop

These are a series of 2-day workshops in 2011 on “Farm Management 101” designed for up-skilling new regional council land managers on how farmers think and make decisions. They aim to give participants an appreciation of the various activities involved in pastoral farming (with a focus on sheep and beef farming) in New Zealand, the business aspects of farming, and an understanding of ‘farming people’. The workshop is a mix of classroom time and a field trip to a local farm.
These workshops are useful for businesses where staff are dealing with farmer clients and need a basic understanding of their clients. AgFirst can run this workshop for groups – please contact Carla Emms for further details or 06 872 7089.

Beef Lamb New Zealand Lake Taupo Monitor Farm Programme

The programme is based around the highly successful Beef + Lamb New Zealand Monitor Farm Programme with the primary focus being on the issues faced by farmers within the Lake Taupo catchment and farming under Regional Plan Variation 5 (Environment Waikato) which limits farm nitrogen outputs.

Beef Profit Partnership

In the absence of a beef marketing opportunity at the time of implementation, the group decided to explore and characterise the cost of capability for supplying beef to a discerning and high reward market.

Beef Cows 4 Profit

The project is has three cluster groups of ~10,000 cows each in Northland, East Coast(NI) and South Otago and represents 75% of Landcorp’s 40,000 breeding cows.


The aim of the DairyPush programme is to have all participating farmers gain more farming and business skills as well and achieving a more profitable business. The target for the group was to increase the individual farm profit by 10% every year for 3 years.

Sheep and Beef Discussion Group

Sally has been facilitating a Sheep and Beef Discussion Group which incorporates farmers from Aria/Mahoenui to West Waikato/Te Kauwhata. The group focuses primarily on a topic and may involve either an on-farm or off farm visit.