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What is Dairy Systems Monitoring (DSM)?

Dairy Systems Monitoring (DSM) is run by AgFirst and powered by FARMAX. It provides dairy farmers with up-to-date information about the performance of their own farm business relative to the performance of their peers. It is an open forum benchmarking package where all details of production are fully disclosed between participants, (but not to be shared outside the group).

Why use DSM?

Farmers receive monthly reports to see how they are performing against their initial plan for the season and against similar farms in their group. This allows farmers to see exactly where they sit versus budget, and compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of their farm system against others.

What is required?

Farm performance information is provided to AgFirst monthly through the ‘coffee sheet’. This sheet can be filled in by hand or sent via email, and should be able to be completed in the time that it takes to have your coffee. Alternatively, for those using FARMAX Dairy the information can be input directly into FARMAX. AgFirst will enter/QA this information and provide the monthly reports, it is that easy!

What is the cost?

DSM Only: $187.50 / month (excl GST)
DSM + farmer access to FARMAX Performance Monitoring: $227.50 / month (excl GST)
DSM + farmer access t0 FARMAX Professional: $247.50 / month (excl GST)

What value can this be to your business?

  • Monthly farm specific reports and benchmarking
  • Both monthly and annual group comparison reports
  • Validation and error checking of monthly data input
  • Monthly consultancy commentary, highlighting areas to address
  • Informed profitable planning for the future
  • Several group meetings each year to share knowledge and experience

Excerpt from monthly benchmarking report (Click to enlarge)

DSM Report

Excerpts from monthly individual report (Click to enlarge)



Interested in DSM for your business?

DSM is run by AgFirst consultant, Clint Gulliver. Please fill out the form below to register your interest or email   or call 07 839 2683 for more information.

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