AgFirst Consultants NZ Ltd was formed in January 1995 to provide farmer, grower and agribusiness clients access to experienced consultants who are able to offer sound unbiased advice. We presently have 50 consultants in 15 locations throughout New Zealand, with skills in Sheep and Beef, Dairying, Engineering, Horticulture and Valuation. The majority of our team have in excess of 10 years consultancy experience and a solid record of delivering quality services to their clients.

AgFirst also has strong networks with other key industry partners including local and central Government, CRI’s, industry organisations and Agribusiness clients.

AgFirst is unique in that it is an independent organisation with the ability to carry out nationwide and cross sector projects.

What we do

Our focus is to provide services which help our clients achieve their objectives. We aim to add value to their business, be it farmer or agribusiness client. We do this by encouraging our clients to develop their visions and goals, establish business plans and provide innovative and constructive solutions to the challenges in their business.

We are also experienced in:


  • Technology

    We coordinate projects which help primary producers adopt new ideas or technologies. The extension methods used to motivate and facilitate change involve coordination of field days, seminars, discussion groups and publications for a range of clients including local and central Government, CRI’s, and agribusiness. Eight of our team have experience as facilitators of MWNZ Monitor Farms, involving the focus farm concept and working with community groups.

  • Property

    Our team are presently responsible for full management supervision of over 25 properties. Many of these large scale absentee owner farms and orchards are owned by Maori Incorporations who demand a sustainable long term focus to farm business management.

  • Economic 

    Economic Analysis of development and diversification options, both at an individual farmer/grower level and regional level.

  • Agricultural 

    Our Team of Independent Agricultural Engineers are leaders in their various fields of expertise, complementing the Agfirst team of Agricultural and Horticultural Consultants.

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    The Engineering team provide an independent service to the New Zealand Agricultural and Agribusiness community with specialist skills in :

    • Dairy Effluent Waste Water Treatment and Green water Recycling Systems
    • Land Drainage
    • Stock and Rural Community Water Reticulation
    • Water Quality Treatment
    • Resource Consent Application
    • Horticultural Irrigation and Frost Protection
    • Pastoral Irrigation
    • Aquaculture Plant Design (Paua/Crayfish)
    • Waste Water Treatment Design and Management Systems
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Lysimeter Installation and Monitoring
    • Project Management
    • Traffic Monitoring